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Google Address Validation API Free

Addresses are a crucial part of life. They help us find people, deliver goods, open bank accounts and more. Unfortunately, errors in addresses can lead to poor user experiences and failures in deliveries – all of which can cost companies time and money.

Google has released a new address validation API free that improves the experience of account sign-up and checkout as well as reduces the impact of invalid addresses on operations. The service also enables financial services companies to verify new account holders and transportation providers to assess address delivery points.

Using Google Maps Platform Places data and knowledge of localized address formats, the Address Validation API helps developers detect inaccurate addresses by identifying missing or unconfirmed address components. It then standardizes address input, providing everything from typo corrections to street name completion to appropriate locality-specific formatting and more.

When a website accepts an address, the software checks that the information is available in the official database of a country or city. If it’s not, it marks the address as invalid.

It may be an address that doesn’t exist or hasn’t been registered in the official database, an address with a typo, an address from outside a service area, an address that hasn’t been updated or a number of other reasons.

The tool then matches the address with the standard authority addresses of a particular service provider. When it finds a match, it’ll mark the address as valid and send it on its way.




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